Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose
CSPHA aims to promote and build up "No-Lift Policy," a principle that encourages people not to lift and not to transfer patients manually.

In addition, our association also offers classes for caregivers on how to use assistive devices with proper ergonomics. It is not only for advancing caregivers' job competencies, but also for protecting them from second injuries while working. Through the association, we hope to enhance the healthcare quality in Taiwan as well as to increase international communication for developing a more reliable system of safe patient handling.
中華安全行動照護協會-about us

Our Mission
  1. We offer patients and the disabled related information, helping them improve the quality of life.
  2. We support caregivers with correct safe patient handling methods, reducing the risks of getting hurt.
  3. We promote and educate people about the accurate concept of safe patient handling.
  4. We establish and create the evaluation system of safe patient handling.
  5. We start up the academic forum and release professional publications.
  6. We provide community service and care for vulnerable groups.
  7. We assist and support the government and education institutions to plan sets of policy regarding long-term care.
  8. We aim to upgrade the quality of long-term care and to enhance the global interaction.