Rules of Choosing Assistive Devices

Rules of Choosing Assistive Devices

Price is not everything when choose assistive devices. The most important rule is based on your needs. The evaluation has to be done according to patients' and caregivers' physical condition and living environment. For instance, it is more appropriate to use electrical assistive devices than manual operation when caregivers' strength is not enough and have to take patients climbing stairs.

No need to worry about the selection issue. Before choosing assistive devices, you can consult a therapist about an in-home evaluation or turn to your doctors or nurses for advice. You can also visit the showroom of CSPHA, in which we will demonstrate how to use the devices. Welcome to make an appointment to experience all of those for free.

How to Determine the Safety of Assistive Devices

Any assistive equipment that belongs to medical device has to meet national testing standards, get permit number approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare, and all stores selling medical devices must have permit license. You are free to ask the store for relevant document and proof, or check the website of Food and Drug Administration (

In addition, opinions from other users and experts are helpful as well. It will be great for both caregivers and patients to operate assistive devices together and experience the comfort and practicality before deciding one. Ask for help and try, and then you will get the suitable and safe devices.