What's Safe Patient Handling

Prevent Patients from Second Injuries
  • Improve the Quality of Care
Safe patient handling is safer and milder than moving the patient without any assistance. Manual handling causes caregivers huge physical and mental pressure. Furthermore, patients are often forced to stay in uncomfortable positions since manual handling merely relies on caregivers' strength.

Research has proved that the quality of care in major care centers has immensely improved after employing safe patient handling. For example, lifting process has become safer and more comfortable, the risk of getting hurt has decreased and patients' psychological burden has reduced.

Above all else, both patients' satisfaction and self-esteem has increased, and their physical condition has progressed as well. It is because safe patient handling suggests safer and more comfortable ways to move patients, which lower accidents from happening during manual handling process. In this case, patients' body function won't deteriorate; instead, a lot of patients' condition gets better.

Once they have more space for activities, they are more willing to move, and therefore their mobility rises. Since patients are not afraid of moving, they are possible to maintain daily activities like they used to. As a result, the frequency of fall and injuries declines.

What's more, patients become more energetic in the morning, their physical condition get better and even the urinary incontinence gets relief. In general, safe patient handling benefits both caregivers' and patients' quality of life.