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● Mission Statement
● Purposes
● Missions
● Founders
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Introduction of the Chinese Safe Patient Handling & Movement Association (CSPHA)

Chinese Safe Patient Handling & Movement Association (CSPHA), founded in May, 2010 in Taiwan, is the first of its kind in Asia.

● Mission Statement  
The goal of the Chinese Safe Patient Handling & Movement Association (CSPHA) is to promote “No-Lift Policy,” and to educate the long-term caregivers about the ergonomics and algorithms, and decrease on-the-job injuries while also providing for patient safety. Further, CSPHA aims to increase the long-term caregivers’ competency in order to increase their occupational safety and prevent the patients from secondary injury, and to increase the quality of patient handling as well as international cooperation in related fields.
● Purposes
 → To protect the caregivers from occupational injuries
 → To protect the patients from secondary injuries
 → To protect the senior citizens from falling
● Missions
1.To promote “No-Lift Policy” and safe patient handling, and to assure the safety of the caregivers and patients.
2.To establish the standard of procedures and evaluation criteria for the long-term caregivers’ safe patient handling tasks.
3.To emphasize the protective realm of safe patient handling.
4.To build up the long-term caregivers’ competency in safe patient handling.
5.To educate and train the long-term caregivers and patients about using assistive devices appropriately.
6.To strive for a safe environment for the caregivers and patients, and to protect their rights from being injured.
7.To participate in the planning and promotion of related policies.
8.To study, collect, and publish domestic and international materials about “No-Lift Policy.”
9.To facilitate the communication and cooperation among local and international academic institutes, corporations, and care institutes in this field.
10.To organize various visits, community activities, training, and conferences regularly.
11.To strengthen the communication and cooperation in this field with mainland China.
12.To organize other activities those are related to the mission.
● Founders

A total of 48 founders from over 20 fields in Taiwan, including

→ Esteemed scholars in public health, occupational therapy, practical therapy, long-term care, biomedical engineering, health services administration, senior care…etc.
→ Doctors specializing in gerontology, rehabilitation, nursing, family medicine, community health…etc.
→ Superintendents, Vice Superintendents and Charge Nurses in major hospitals
→ Directors of nursing homes, long-term care institutes.
→ Leaders of assistive devices manufacturers and retailers.
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